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Menu box made of sugar cane 2-fold 230x205mm- 50p.


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12 in stock


12 in stock

Size 230×205


Menuboxen – lunch boxes made from sugar cane

Menu boxes, lunch boxes made from sugar cane, are ideal as an environmentally friendly alternative to lunch boxes made from styrofoam and plastic. Sugar cane is a compostable and eco-friendly material, a great friend of the environment, as well as being very durable and moisture resistant.


What kind of sugarcane lunch containers do we have in our offer?

We stock a variety of Sugarcane Lunch Containers in packs of 50 and 200. Among other things, we have Sunday, two- and three-chamber lunch containers made from sugar cane. Due to the compartmentalization, the individual products are not mixed with each other, so that they retain their original taste and aroma.


Stock Lunch Boxes - Purpose

The one-, two- and three-piece cane lunch boxes can be used in takeaway, hospitality, small catering business and various kinds of outdoor and mass events. They are mainly used for lunch packaging. For example, a whole lunch, e.g. B. meat + potatoes + salad, packed in a three-piece lunch box. On the other hand, the unsplit tube boxes are suitable for packaging e.g. B. dumplings, potato dumplings, noodles, etc.


What are the compostable menu boxes made of?

Compostable meal boxes are made entirely from sugar cane, more precisely from the fibers that remain after the sugar cane has been extracted. This is called bagasse. Sugar cane (bagassa) lunch boxes are fully compostable in industrial composting facilities. The composting process turns Bagassa into soil in just a few weeks. After use, the sugar cane crockery is best simply disposed of in the brown organic waste bins.


What are the advantages of the eco-friendly sugar cane menu boxes?

Boxes made from sugar cane fibers are very popular in the hospitality industry for their many benefits. Cane lunch boxes are durable, moisture and grease resistant, as well as light, roomy yet very handy, making them great for portability. They are aesthetically pleasing and take up little space when folded - they are stackable. Suitable for the oven and the microwave. You can safely store them in the fridge or freezer for a short time. They are designed for direct contact with food and, importantly, they do not alter the taste of the food. Thanks to their insulating properties, food stored in biodegradable meal boxes stays warm longer. Our lunch menu boxes made from sugar cane are also characterized by their excellent price-performance ratio.

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