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Sugar cane soup cups 470ml, tall shape - 50 pieces


incl. 19% VAT

Availability: 8 in stock


Availability: 8 in stock

Bagasse, white

Coating free

Suitable for hot and cold dishes

Biodegradable according to DIN 13432

Sugar cane trays are perfect as disposable packaging in the food business. The shells are water-resistant and greaseproof. No matter how hot, oily or greasy it is. Nevertheless, bowls are completely uncoated and consist only of bagasse. Bagasse is the fibrous residue that remains after the sugar cane has been squeezed. Processed into a cellulose pulp, the sugar cane can be pressed into almost any shape. What is special, however, is their sustainability. Sugar cane is a rapidly renewable raw material. At the end of its useful life, the bagasse shell is completely biodegradable according to DIN 13432.
Sugar cane soup cups are ideal for soups and ragouts of all kinds. Pasta and French fries can also be offered in it - basically everything that fits in it. The mug is particularly light, but still insulates well. It is also perfectly stackable, which makes storage pleasantly easier. Overall, guests and staff alike benefit from all the advantages. The sugar cane soup cups are often used in the to-go business of conventional gastronomy or in the snack bar. Food truck operators really appreciate the soup cup. But you can also see him more and more often in catering at events, trade fairs or festivals.

Product data:
Capacity: 470ml
Diameter: 108mm
Height: 85mm
Color white
a lid with a diameter of 118 mm
Material: sugar cane shreds
the product has the OK compost certificate TUV AUSTRIA
Use of products from sugar cane pulp:

the containers are provided with airtight lids !!!
suitable for cold and hot products
suitable for freezing
can be used in the microwave, but beware: only 5min/100 degrees C
resistant to fat

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50 pieces, 400 pieces

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